Zero Spam Blacklist API

You must read and agree to the Term of Use before using this API. Any abuse of the service will result in the permanent and immediate ban of the offending IP address.

Anonymous API requests are limited to 100 per day. Registering or purchasing a premium subscription unlocks additional requests, access to IP geolocation information, exclusive IP information, API integration support, and early-access to new features.

Spam Blacklist API Documentation

You can query the Zero Spam Blacklist API with an HTTP POST request. API requests will return a JSON string and include a status, result, total_queries and queries_left. See the explanations below.

Possible status responses:

  • success – The API query was successfully run with IP results.
  • failed – The API query failed. Details can be found in the result.

Possible result responses:

  • missing_client_ip – Client IP could not be determined.
  • invalid_ip – Invalid IP address was provided.
  • invalid_license – License key could not be found/is invalid.
  • exceeded_requests – Client exceeded the maximum number of API requests for the day.
  • array – Array containing the queried information.

Querying the Spam Blacklist API

Query the Zero Spam Blacklist API by sending a POST request. See below.

API endpoint:


  • ip(string) Required. IP address or addresses to query. Separate multiple IPs with a pipe (|).
  • license_key(string) Your unique license key for premium accounts.


  • user_ip(string) IP address.
  • date_added(datetime) Date first recorded.
  • last_updated(datetime) Date last updated.
  • attempts(int) Number of reports.
  • permalink(int) Zero Spam link to lookup page.
  • confidence(float) Zero Spam’s spam/malicious confidence level.
  • ip_type(string) The IP type.
  • num_sites(string) Premium. # of sites that have reported.
  • num_detection_types(string) Premium. # of detection types.
  • detection_types(array) Premium. Type of detections that have been reported.
  • num_reported_emails(int) Premium. # of reported emails submitted by the IP.
  • reported_emails(array) Premium. Array of reported emails submitted by the IP.
  • num_reported_usernames(int) Premium. # of reported usernames submitted by the IP.
  • reported_usernames(array) Premium. Array of reported usernames submitted by the IP.
  • num_reported_urls(int) Premium. # of reported URLs submitted by the IP.
  • reported_urls(array) Premium. Array of reported URLs submitted by the IP.
  • hostname(array) Premium. The hostname.
  • continent_code(string) Premium. IP geolocation continent code.
  • continent_name(string) Premium. IP geolocation continent name.
  • country_code(string) Premium. IP geolocation country code.
  • country_name(string) Premium. IP geolocation country name.
  • region_code(string) Premium. IP geolocation region code.
  • region_name(string) Premium. IP geolocation region name.
  • city(string) Premium. IP geolocation city name.
  • zip(string) Premium. IP geolocation zip/postal code.
  • latitude(string) Premium. IP geolocation latitude.
  • longitude(string) Premium. IP geolocation longitude.
  • dms(string) Premium. IP geolocation degrees, minutes & seconds.

Example API Response

{"status":"success","result":{"":{"user_ip":"","date_added":"2021-03-15 12:12:13","attempts":"17","ip_type":null,"continent_code":null,"continent_name":null,"country_code":null,"country_name":null,"region_code":null,"region_name":null,"city":null,"zip":null,"latitude":null,"longitude":null,"num_sites":1,"num_detection_types":1,"detection_types":["registration"],"num_reported_emails":17,"reported_emails":["","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""],"num_reported_usernames":17,"reported_usernames":["julianne chambers","deangelo short","roselyn mcdaniel","roselyn walters","krystal james","krystal jordan","laurel cowan","alena michael","jerry green","finnegan short","ally cowan","jasper mcpherson","karissa frazier","alena wagner","raelynn jennings","deangelo dixon","maritza shannon"],"num_reported_urls":0,"reported_urls":null,"hostname":"","confidence":0.45000000000000001,"permalink":"http:\/\/zerospam.local\/ip-lookup\/"},"":{"user_ip":"","date_added":"2021-03-15 12:15:13","attempts":"124","ip_type":"ipv4","continent_code":"AS","continent_name":"Asia","country_code":"RU","country_name":"Russia","region_code":"SPE","region_name":"St.-Petersburg","city":"Saint Petersburg","zip":"195269","latitude":"59.939041137695","longitude":"30.315790176392","dms":"59\u00b0 56.342 N, 30\u00b0 18.947 E","num_sites":3,"num_detection_types":2,"detection_types":{"0":"blocked","2":"comment"},"num_reported_emails":18,"reported_emails":["","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",""],"num_reported_usernames":0,"reported_usernames":null,"num_reported_urls":15,"reported_urls":{"0":"https:\/\/\/","1":"https:\/\/\/","2":"https:\/\/\/","3":"https:\/\/\/","5":"https:\/\/\/","6":"https:\/\/\/","7":"https:\/\/\/","8":"https:\/\/\/","9":"https:\/\/\/","10":"https:\/\/\/","11":"https:\/\/\/","12":"https:\/\/\/","13":"https:\/\/\/","14":"https:\/\/\/","15":"https:\/\/\/"},"hostname":"","confidence":0.45000000000000001,"permalink":"http:\/\/zerospam.local\/ip-lookup\/"}},"queries_left":9988}