Zero Spam Installation

Zero Spam makes it a cinch to help protect any site or application. Use one of the installation methods below to begin protecting against malicious, spammy, and fraudulent users.

Zero Spam for WordPress Installation

Integrating Zero Spam into your WordPress site is as simple as installing the Zero Spam for WordPress plugin. Supports enhanced protection with a valid license key.

  1. Download or install the WordPress Zero Spam plugin.
  2. If downloaded, upload the entire zero-spam folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).
  4. Visit the plugin setting to configure as needed (Settings > Zero Spam).

JavaScript Installation

Copy and paste the code below into the <head> or at the bottom of the page (recommended).

When a visitor’s or a defined IP confidence score is equal to or higher than the minimum level, they will be redirected to another URL.

<script src="" async></script>


  • ip-address – Optional. IP address that should be checked. Defaults to the requester’s IP.
  • confidence – Optional. Min. confidence level before a user should be blocked. Defaults to 20.
  • redirect – Optional. URL to redirect the blocked user. Defaults to
  • license – Optional. Premium license for enhanced protection.
  • debug – Optional. 1 to output results to the browser console and no redirect. Defaults to 0.

JavaScript Example with Parameters

<script src="" async></script>

Unlock Powerful Protection with the Blacklist API – Shield Your Website from Malicious Activity!

Looking for a seamless solution to safeguard your website or application? Look no further! At Zero Spam, we’re thrilled to offer you our cutting-edge Blacklist API, designed to provide you with real-time and extensive data on IP and email addresses.

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Why choose the Zero Spam Blacklist API?

1. Real-Time Protection: Stay one step ahead of potential threats with instant access to the latest information on IP and email addresses. Keep your website secure and your users protected.
2. Seamless Integration: Our API is designed to effortlessly integrate into any website or application. With clear and straightforward documentation, you’ll have it up and running in no time.
3. Comprehensive Coverage: Our Blacklist API provides a comprehensive database, ensuring that you have access to the most extensive information available. Rest easy knowing you have a robust defense against malicious entities.

Ready to fortify your online presence and protect your digital assets? Explore the Zero Spam API documentation today to learn more about how our Blacklist API can revolutionize your security measures.

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